Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) regulations require AARC to obtain a Tax Payer Identification Number (“TIN”) number from all its participants.  In the case of non-US residents, the TIN is also required to benefit from any tax treaty that exists between the US and the non-US resident’s country. These tax treaties reduce the amount that AARC must withhold from your royalties.  In the past, a US TIN was required to qualify for tax treaty benefit.  This requirement was recently changed so that a non-US resident can now provide a foreign TIN to qualify for tax treaty benefit.   


Whether you are a US or non-US resident, your failure to provide a TIN number can result in IRS fines being imposed against your royalties.  In addition, a TIN is required for you to qualify for tax treat benefits. 


If AARC does not have a TIN on file for you, we will place your account on hold. Qualified TIN numbers are US Social Security Numbers, US EIN Numbers, US ITIN Numbers, and Non-US Tax Identification or Fiscal Identification Numbers issued by your resident country.


To satisfy the IRS TIN requirement, please complete the following IRS forms based on your residency.  AARC is unable to provide tax advice, therefore we recommend contacting a tax advisor if you are unsure as to your tax situation.  We further recommend reviewing IRS Publication 505 (US Residents) and Publication 515 (Non-US Residents) to better understand tax withholding requirements that apply to royalties.


US Residents

W9 Form (Instructions)


Non-US Residents

For Individuals: W8-BEN Form (Instructions)

For Entities: W8-BEN-E Form (Instructions)