Please note, AARC automatically downloads sales data for members from SoundScan, therefore you should only upload metadata if requested by a member of the AARC staff.


We will ONLY accept metadata in an Excel spreadsheet in our template format:



Artist Metadata

Label/Record Company Metadata



Metadata Upload

  1. Do NOT upload titles no longer in print or no longer sold

  2. Do NOT upload titles sold outside of the United States

  3. Only upload titles released prior to January 1st of this year



Remove Titles
To remove titles that you should not be receiving credit for, specify “remove” in the first column next to the title(s) under the “add_or_remove” column.  For titles to be removed, do not delete these titles off the spreadsheet, you MUST specify “remove”.


Add Titles
To add titles, add the titles to the bottom of the spreadsheet and specify “add” in the first column for each title you are adding under the “add_or_remove” column.  Please be sure to list the album name as an entry, with additional entries for EACH track under that album.
DO NOT ADD TITLES RELEASED THIS YEAR. This confirmation reply only represents titles sold 
prior to 1/1 of this year.


Required fields for adding titles:
Artist Name
Title (specify the album title if sold physically, as well as each track if sold digitally)
ISRC Code (for tracks only)
UPC Codes are not required but are helpful
Release Date
Label Name (Copyright Owners only)


Only add titles that were sold PRIOR to 1/1 this year that are ACTIVELY being sold. We do not need titles that are no longer available for digital and physical sale.


Explanation of spreadsheet fields:

ProductCount – Applies to physical albums, number of media in a multi-disc set
TitleIDNum – AARC’s internal ID for this title
ISRCCode – ISRC Code
Add_Or_Remove – Populate this with “add” if adding titles, or “remove” if removing titles

UPCCode – UPC Code
Name – Artist or RC Name(If SRCO)
FA/RCIDnum – Your member ID
LabelName(Copyright Owners only) – Releasing label
Title – The name of the title or track
ReleaseDate – Date of release
RecordingType – DG (Digital Track), AL (Physical Album), SI (Physical Single), BS (Boxed Set)

HaveSales – Denotes if that particular title had sales last year


You should only ADD or REMOVE titles. Existing data is unable to be altered. Do not be concerned with misspellings or invalid codes, this is data we receive from SoundScan and are unable to modify.


Please only add missing titles that are currently being sold prior to this year. Do not list titles from decades ago that are no longer being distributed.