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Many countries have hometaping (usually referred to as “private copy”) laws, as well as rental/lending laws.  As in the case of AHRA, these laws include royalty rights for recording artists and record companies. Each country’s laws include unique requirements and processes for collection and distribution of the royalties. The collectives also have their own processes and requirements regarding data, tax and other information, which can be overwhelming for an individual claimant.


AARC ensures that all the requirements are satisfied and that the processes are properly followed with regard to each and every one of our members.

AARC has negotiated agreements with the following foreign collectives:

Reciprocal Featured Recording Artists Hometaping (Private Copy) Agreements

Croatia’s HUZIP
Czech Republic’s INTERGRAM
Denmark’s GRAMEX
Estonia’s EEL
Finland’s GRAMEX
France’s ADAMI
Georgia’s GCA
Germany’s GVL
Greece’s APOLLON
Hungary’s EJI
Ireland’s RAAP
Japan’s CPRA
Latvia’s LaIPA
Netherlands’ SENA
Poland’s SAWP
Portugal’s GDA
Romania’s CREDIDAM
Russia’s RUR
Serbia’s PI
Slovakia’s SLOVGRAM
Spain’s AIE
Sweden’s SAMI
Switzerland’s SWISSPERFORM
United Kingdom’s PPL


Featured Recording Artists Rental/Lending Agreements


Albania’s AKDIE

Germany’s GVL

Japan’s CPRA

Netherlands’ NORMA




Featured Recording Artists Audiovisual Hometaping (Private Copy) Agreements


Germany's GWFF




Reciprocal Indies Label Hometaping Agreements


Belgium's SIMIM

Finland's GRAMEX

France's SCPP


Japan's RIAJ

Netherlands' NVPI

Spain's AGEDI

Sweden's IFPI

United Kingdom's PPL

AARC is currently in negotiations with many other countries with the goal of finalizing hometaping, rental/lending, and audio visual agreements that protect our members and ensure that they are compensated for the use of their works.